Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Egret Eats at Crema d'Roma - Picture

Maybe eats is too strong a word...

The other day, I was out walking Mrs Dog, and heading around the corner I saw this Egret wandering around the tables at the Crema d'Roma restaurant on Wilton Drive at NE 21st Ct.  

They may serve excellent food, but I didn't know that they were serving wading birds.   Crema is a wonderful Italian restaurant and one of the few that I truly enjoy.  They do accept dogs outside, being a dog friendly place in a dog friendly town.  

Egrets are all over the place here.  We're so close to water that I've grown used to see one of these birds standing in the yard watching me.  This particular one allowed me to walk around the tables to frame the shot for a while before being scared off the scene by this rather large rare specimen of a New Jersey Moose.

Add the Egrets to the weird wildlife encounters you can have while here.  I'm rather happy to have them to tell the truth.

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