Friday, October 29, 2010

An Open Letter to Gary Resnick

As Mayor of Wilton Manors, in 2010, you are engaged in a difficult battle for your seat.  You have a core group of very strong and fervent supporters.  That core group would be typical to any political campaign but it seems as if some of them have decided to step over the line into illegal activities.

For the last three consecutive nights, I have awoken to my Yard Signs having been disturbed. 

This is Friday Morning.

Wednesday Morning, the signs for Celeste Ellich for Commissioner and Joe Angelo for Mayor - your competition were pulled from the ground.  I spotted this when I got up to walk the dog and thought that someone just had a little too much fun at karaoke at Boom.  It is Wilton Manors, I am very close to the Shoppes and the Bars.  I thought that perhaps it was just someone annoyed at not having "Gotten Lucky" and took it out on Joe and Celeste's Signs.

Thursday Morning, it happened again.  Celeste Ellich For Commissioner and Joe Angelo for Mayor's yard signs were pulled up.  This time I found their two signs tossed in the garden under the window in front of the house.   This I think you agree would be suspicious.  Gary, your supporters are perhaps a bit strident and trespassing is a serious crime. 

Thursday Evening, someone had replaced three signs in a row for Joe Angelo for Mayor, Celeste Ellich for Commissioner and Steve Zollo for Commissioner on a lot on NE 21 CT.  The lot had just been mowed and there was a pile of all the yard signs that had been collected.  That was obviously part of mowing the property.  On Friday Morning, all three signs were still there but had been stomped flat.

Friday Morning, today I woke up and stepped outside of the house to find Joe Angelo for Mayor and Celeste Ellich for Commissioner signs next to my porch.  Specifically someone had pulled those two signs, walked up onto the front yard, past the cars, onto my porch and wedged the signs between my hedge and the iron railing on the edge of the Cement that makes the porch. 

They were directly in front of my front door.

Why I think this is a supporter of yours, Mr Resnick is that the sign for Scott Newton for Commissioner has been undisturbed every time.  I only have to readjust it for the wind in the mornings.

I find it difficult to believe that you personally would engage in this kind of activity.  I do not believe that you are that kind of person.  It simply does not seem to be your personality to perform this sort of harassment. I prefer to believe that you have an out of control person with a wild hair supporting you going to my house, specifically, and trespassing while doing this sort of mischief.

Hopefully tomorrow morning when I go to walk my dog, I won't have to go crawling through gardens in the predawn light.  This is truly getting annoying.

Thank you Gary for your time.

I shall return to my usual pictures and writings about my dog soon, I promise.   November 3rd is coming.

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