Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October Mornings are Made For Disco

It is a beautiful day here.  After the dog walk, I threw open the windows and started on the routine of the day.  Once the house quieted down, it got too quiet so I put on Diva Disco for a bit.

The neighborhood hadn't quite decided to start making the normal sounds of small engines, lawn tools, and the occasional truck.  Not that it has conscious control over it, but all was fairly quiet. 

As things woke up, I inched the radio louder, into the Parrot Zone.   I have an Orange Wing Amazon that I share this house with.  I have had him since 1986 so he's old enough to vote but since he doesn't have opposable thumbs that won't happen.  He's my hearing protector.  When the radio is too loud, he starts chattering at it.  Really crank that radio up to blow out the windows and Oscar is screaming.

Oscar can be a grouch you see...

I have learned just where to keep the volume so that Oscar's quiet, the music is reasonable, and I'm not disturbing the neighbors.  After all, it's after 9 in the morning so we're all up.

Walking from room to room, the music just barely loud enough to hear in the laundry via the open windows on the car port and the small door in the laundry, I'm listening to a track as I gather the wash from the racket that the dryer is making.

Padding out into the main part of the house, I get a clear view of the street as I am heading out to the bedroom to lay things out on the bed to allow them to relax.  The breezes of the South Florida Morning are cool to the touch on my arms while I smooth things out. 

I put away the socks and some of the other clothes that don't need to be folded, and begin to walk out to the living room.   The track was still playing, Harry Thumann - Underwater.  If you haven't heard it, its one of those Late Disco Era songs that has a lush enough sound bed that you could practically walk on the percussion as it skips across the pond of the still morning air like a stone.  Can you tell I liked it?

Apparently so did someone else because as the music swelled, and I went back out into the front room, I looked outside.  There was someone out in my swale, with his dog, bobbing his head to the beat of my music.

Ok, Oscar wasn't chattering, but this dude was doing the disco dance at 9 in the morning on the street in front of his house as he picked up after his dog.  I was smiling as I walked up to the front window and just watched him bounce around lightly to the Disco Beat.  Once a DJ, Always a DJ I guess...

He spotted me, waved and smiled, and went on his way.  I walked back to the big green chair with a laugh and turned the music down just a little bit.

Oh wait, Alec R Constandinos is on Diva... let me turn this just a little louder...  Shaddap Oscar!  I'll turn it down!!!

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