Thursday, October 14, 2010

I live in a place where I can make my own backgrounds

"You live in a place that looks like the background on the PC".

Interesting comment right?   Well I do.  Actually I caught myself doing this sort of thing for a while.   I take a lot of pictures as anyone who has looked at this blog has noticed, and I just drop all the blog pics into a folder on the laptop and let Windows 7 change them every 10 minutes or so.   I never see the background anyway since it is always covered up by all sorts of things, but I like knowing they are there.

Who said it?   My cousin from Nebraska.  I had never actually met the guy before, and he came here for his first ever visit to South Florida.   At 830PM, we had been chatting for about 2 hours, and I flipped the switches to all the pool lights and up spots and we went outside.   He got real animated and looked at my hedges and the orchid in bloom on the shed (its actually resting between flower spikes) and was like a kid in a candy store.

My cousin is a farmer who just sold the farm and is looking around the country for the first time and liked what he sees here.  I took him for a walk with the dog around town and every Palm tree we passed, every shefflerra that towered over the apartment building and said things like "That's a house plant back home".  

I promised him two meyer lemons off my little tree in a pot so he can try to grow them from seed.   It's mindbending to someone from out of town just how lush things can be.  Of course all those plants are not native species, and we're not in a natural environment.   We get around 50 inches of rain in around 6 months.  Six Months of Flood, Six Months of Drought I have heard it called.   It makes for an interesting natural landscape, and when someone from "up North" can show you what you have, no matter how much you appreciate it, it is always a welcome eye opener.

I think I'll toss some lemon seeds back in the hedges and let them fight it out with the bamboo... and why not? since the neighbor behind me has a Papaya Grove in the yard!

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