Monday, January 9, 2012

The Coffee Geek Teaches at Ikea

Ok, I'm over the top with this coffee stuff.  I'll admit it.  In fact, that was what I said to Kevin after this was all said and done.  I can laugh at myself, but it does show that maybe a little research is needed before you spend any money, and I think it also shows that those intractable picture books that Ikea uses to "instruct" you how to use their product may just need a little revision.

I'm a huge fan of Ikea.   I find a lot of things that I need whenever I go through there, and even when I don't need things and end up "going along for the ride" there are always those wonderful gingersnaps and containers of lingonberry preserve waiting for a treat when you leave.  We got Gooseberry Preserve this time.

We went to Ikea this weekend and had a "rightsized" meal of North Atlantic Saithe, steamed veg and a scoop of mashed potato.  Skin on and lumpy the way I like it!  I say rightsized because Ikea serves portions that make sense instead of the 3000 calorie orgies of food you get at some chain restaurants in the US.  I was even able to have a slice of Carrot Cake and not feel guilty.


Oh that "Saithe"?  That's what we tend to call Pollock.  No wonder why I liked it, I have the remnants of 10 pounds of the stuff in the freezer.  I'll have to try the Ikea method of breading the top with some dill and lemon juice and baking. 

After ordering the cabinet that we're going to use as a pantry, we walked downstairs where all the "Home Goods" are.  You start in the kitchen goodies and wander through various departments.  I can't walk though that place without thinking of new and wonderful things I can do with some of the various things ranging from LED Lights (I really do want to underlight the cabinets in the kitchen), drapes and blinds, and of course the coffee makers.

A while back I had bought this carafe that turned out to be one of the best coffee pots I had ever had.  It's stainless steel, polished to a mirror finish, and is a French Press.   Perfect for taking care of my favorite caffeine addiction if the power is off.   Four scoops of grounds, add water at a full boil, stir for 6 minutes (off and on) then push the plunger down and that is it.

Specifically the one I am talking about is an Anrik French Press. Go, get one, you will be happy.  It is even insulated so the coffee will be fresh for more than an hour. If that one is too small or too pricey at $30, they have a $13 standard sized French Press that will do you well. 

The thing is that this is completely "Off The Grid".  No power needed.  It basically is a "bucket" that you pour your things into.  No place to put a wire into. 

So when I heard a family discussing the item I got my big mouth involved and gave them instructions on how to use it.  They thought you would put it directly on the burner...   You might if you wanted to ruin the poor thing...

Real simple, since you may lose power and want some really good coffee to "settle your nerves"

  1. Boil about a quart/liter of water.
  2. Remove the lid and screen assembly from the coffee pot.
  3. While that water comes to a boil, add 4 scoops of your favorite coffee grounds to the pot.
  4. Pour the boiling water until it is just short of the lip of the coffee pot.
  5. Stir your grounds off and on for about 4 minutes.
  6. Give the grounds about 2 minutes to settle.
  7. Replace the screen and lid assembly and push gently down on the plunger until the lid fits snugly on top of the pot.
  8. There is no step 8.
  9. Done.

Now, isn't that simple?

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