Thursday, January 19, 2012

Modeling Tobacco 1966

Yes, at one point, as a child, I was a model.

But gees, Dad why did it have to be for Tobacco?  YUCK!

I did like the pic, and I'm glad my parents saved the paper cutting.  When I got the scanner going the other day, it was one of the first pictures I grabbed for scanning.  I'm planning on restoring this to its original black and white glory, but for now, this kid's going to stand there staring at a pipe.

I guess if I understood what all that meant, the career might have gone longer.   It petered out shortly after this.  There were more interesting things to do than stand in a store staring at something while someone got out the camera and did his work. 

If anything lasted from that particular page in my life, it's an appreciation of photography and the work that is involved in getting the picture.  Take one, shift, refocus, play with lighting, set up the model again, tell the model that he can't have a glass of water or a seat. 

It might be why I tend to take pictures of nature.  You get it or you don't.  Still life is easier, you just have to wait for the wind to die down. 

I still can't stand tobacco.  Dad used to smoke these cigars in the house, partly for his own enjoyment, and partly for the privacy.   We'd come out of our room and the living room in the split level tract home had a haze right around 3 feet off the ground that would drive us back into the room.  

Oh and Mom's Cigarettes were even worse.  Don't get me started on those!

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