Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Free Beer at the Wholesale Club

We get a lot of birdcage liners here.

Come home from a dog walk and magically appearing at the foot of the driveway is one of Those Papers.  You know the sort.  It's a "newspaper" almost completely advertising with an article every fifth page.  They're basically an excuse for a "publisher" to get paid to distribute manufacturer's cents off coupons to more homes than would be normally.

After all, I get my news on the internet first anyway so why buy the paper?

BBC first, then the local news sites, then the Progressive websites and all the Tech News sites I read to keep things up to date.

I don't particularly want to fill up my recycle bin with a dead tree every day.  I have the Postal Service doing that already.

I would normally grab these newspapers from the bottom of the driveway and immediately drop them into the recycle bin, then walk into the house without reading them. 

Then the lightbulb went on.  I was tossing away money.

I started clipping the coupons for things that we would buy normally, then realized that it was easier for me to change brands that I bought based on the coupons.  Then BJ's wholesale club began promoting that they are taking the manufacturer's coupons as well as their own private coupons.

Last night I went shopping.  We had run down on some odds and ends and I had a nice little stack of coupons.  I'm not one of those Extreme Couponers but I do have a goal to make the Eagle Scream On The Back Of The Quarter.

Dutifully shopping from a list, buying as little as possible, and only those things that I couldn't make at least a substitute for in the kitchen, I realized that I had had enough coupons to make me get that case of beer this time around.

You see by looking at the coupons and counting up the total, I had enough to reduce the bill by a solid 11%.  Nice return on the investment of the time.

Hey what do we need down that Aisle it's just drinks?
Drinks and ... Beer.
You need beer?
Doesn't everyone? 
Fish and Chips.  Beer is proof that god loves you and wants to keep you happy.

Or so the conversation went. 

Into the cart went a case of Yuengling Lager with a smile.  Paid for by all those wonderful coupons for Cheese, Milk, Soap and other needed items.

Call it Bonus Beer.

Besides, who doesn't like a bottle of lager to wash down Fish and Chips?

You don't?  Sit down, lets have lunch...

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