Thursday, July 19, 2012

Firefox 14.0.1 is Available for Upgrade

Go.  Fetch.  You can find it here.

Oh you came here for what passes for Witty Banter and Background Info?

Ok, here goes.  This morning I found the upgrade box pop up on my window asking me if I wanted to download and upgrade.  The timing was perfect, it wasn't yet 7AM and I had to finish my first mug of coffee.  Clicking on the link, it did its thing.   When through it asked did you want to restart now or later.  I restarted.

Since then I've gone through my normal morning routine.  I've been through about 150 web pages.

My opinion is that it is faster and more stable than the last version.  Worth the upgrade.  In fact the upgrade even reloaded the 30 or so tabs that I keep open on a daily basis.  The only quirk was that it brought up the Spanish version of Google Sites documentation on Not For Profit Web Hosting.   I probably clicked on a link and didn't realize it.

The old version would load pages from the top left corner of the browser and paint in a diagonal, ending at the lower right corner.  I would notice a video affect that would show up as a curtain effect of blocks that painted very quickly on my little laptop.   It isn't there any more on this version.  It also feels faster and more stable.

To find out if your Firefox needs the upgrade:
  • Open or Launch Firefox
  • Click Help
  • Click About Firefox
  • Under the big word "Firefox" it will have your version number, it should be 14.0.1 (or newer).  If not you can upgrade.
  • Under that you will see whether you have the latest with the sentence "Firefox is up to date".   No period.  Tsk.
Want some more from me?  Ok, watch this safe for work video.  Have fun. It is a slinky on a treadmill.

Oh Come ON!  You know you want to try that don't you?

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