Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lisa's Love Sponge - A.K.A. The Neighborhood Pit Bull

Who knew a simple Picture Posting could take two hours to get onto the blog?

In my neighborhood lives Lisa. 

She's the kind of neighbor that you truly want to have.   We traded recipes and covered dishes at least twice a month.   She's had my baked goods and desserts, I've sampled her beef and roast pork.

I swear we are wearing a path to each other's doors with odds and ends over the years. 

Living there with her is son Billy, and her dog, Baby Doll.  Pretty well named dog for a pitbull.  You see, despite the reputation of the breed, this dog is simply a love sponge.  She'll waddle down the driveway wagging her tail to say hello to people.   Pretty useless as a watch dog, although you'll know there is someone coming since she does bark at passers by more to say hello than anything else. 

There are quite a few Pit Bulls down here in Florida.  It must be a Florida Thing, because there weren't that many where I lived in Philadelphia.  You can tell more about the owner of a dog by how the dog reacts to others in the area.  If you have a stereotype of a pit bull, being aggressive and snappy, then I would bet "2 to 1" that you have a person who should never own a dog...  If the same pit bull was raised in a loving home, you'll end up with a dog like this one.   A Love Sponge.

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