Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Friday The 13th, Folks

I'm not one of those folks that avoids Black Cats other than since I'm allergic to cats, I avoid all of them.

Walking under a "working" ladder is a foolish idea since someone could drop something on your head or you could knock them out of the sky.

I don't avoid the 13th of anything, I usually consider the Bakers Dozen of anything superior to a regular old boring Dozen.

So instead of today being Friday The 13th for me and running and hiding in a fetal ball in a corner under a table screaming "DUCK AND COVER", I'm chuckling at what I have become for the day.

Yes, coincidence has cause me to become "The Locus Of Weirdness" for the morning.  You are safe.  Weirdness is effecting me and I am taking it on my admittedly large shoulders to bear the load for you.

It started with my waking up in the middle of the night for a time check. 
2:00 AM?  Great, lets get back to sleep. 
2:15 AM?  The dog's snoring. 
2:34 AM?  Ugh one of those nights.
7:00 AM?  It's light out there, why am I not up yet.

Sitting up in bed I notice drops of rain falling from the hurricane shutters on to the Coleus under the Bougainvillea.  I grab the phone to check radar and it says there is nothing at all within 10 miles.  Clear.  Not a pixel green or any other color other than "map" colored.

Pad to the bathroom and open the medicine chest and the toothbrush holder falls onto the sink.  The water runs hot instead of what passes for cold here.   The dog is sniffing my leg as I lean back and startle her.

Ok, enough of this silliness, go weigh myself before... why does the scale say I only weigh 60 pounds?  Oh the lock is on the thing again... Much better, it says I gained 4 pounds overnight.  Obviously it's having a bad day.

Go to the kitchen, microwave the dog food, have the dog decide to check the front door ... it's a downpour.

Still nothing on Radar, but we go outside for the walk and it's stopped.   Completely.  As soon as my hand hit the doorknob to open it.   Like someone flipped a switch.  Weird.

Shrugging, I grab the 30 year old umbrella and walk out the door.  Lettie takes me on a long rambling figure 8 around the neigborhood on a Dog Directed Walk.  They're always strange.   We got to sniff new things like the dumpster behind the bar and the one behind the pizza place.   We confused Brad at the Pizza place who makes the best pizzas who never saw us behind the shops before and moved on.

Point of fact, when Brad makes pizzas they're excellent.  When Brad isn't making pizzas there at Humpy's, they can be anything from overcooked to undercooked.   Look for Brad. 

Leaving the back of the shopping center, I was thinking that I should nudge Lettie toward the house and without saying a word, she did it for me.

We wandered home past someone who said "You're Late!"...  To someone else.

Oooh, Pretty Rainbow.  Over Wilton Manors.   Some may say that a Rainbow over Wilton Manors is redundant.  I just say I was standing at the right place for the light to be bent at the right angle to make pretty colors.  

Redundant or not.

Getting home, my hand hits the doorknob and the rain starts again in torrents.

Oh well never did need that umbrella.  Weirdness and coincidence.  I'm telling you, fear not the 13th, I am making the world safe from weirdness!

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