Thursday, August 30, 2012

Firefox 15 Upgrade Happened With No Problems on Windows

Yesterday I had that little window pop up and demand attention.

Firefox wanted to be upgraded.  

I clicked another window and purposely buried it.  I've had bad luck with upgrades before and didn't want a problem.  While Firefox upgrades have been mostly painless I wanted to do what I call an orderly shutdown.  After all, I was due for a client meeting in an hour and had about 20 windows and tabs open under Firefox.

I went to my meeting, got some instructions for a web development project I'll be working on, and came home.   All the while that little window was sitting buried under all the digital chaff I had on my laptop.

I ignored it until this morning.  I had a logical break point, closed the unneeded windows and trusted that the existing Firefox would save all those leftover windows and tabs before closing.

I clicked the button to upgrade, and it closed.

I should have done it earlier, it was completely painless. 

I've gone through a couple hundred window opens, closes, loads and reads now.   All those web pages were fine, it was "normal". 

I'd say just click and do your upgrade.  It was harmless on windows.  I'll have to check Linux later.

If you dismissed the upgrade window, here is the process:

  • With Firefox open, Click Help.
  • Click About Firefox to check your updates.
  • If that window says that "Firefox is up to date" you're done.
  • If that window has a button that says "Apply Update", click on that button, and the update will happen.

If you get lost on that, the official Firefox Upgrade instructions are here.

There's always the other way to do it... grab the software directly from the Get Firefox Webpage.  Surf and click on the tab for either Mobile or Desktop.  In my case, when I clicked on the Desktop Tab it told me "Hooray, your browser is up to date".

Like I said, no problems.  Time to surf some "stuff".  Basically it was a "Non Event". 


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