Thursday, August 23, 2012

Windows Upgrade Offer Seems Too Little Too Late To Me

Sure, it's minor but follow me here.

You went out and bought a computer.  
You got a Windows 7 machine.
You know that Windows 8 is coming out in October.

At this writing, that is 2 months away.

The industry press is whining, whinging, and pitching a fit worse than a child who has been sent to bed without it's supper because sales are down.

Why are sales down?

Simple, people are waiting for the next Windows, Windows 8 with the new Windows 8 interface.  You know, that ugly Metro Inspired Theme that looks just like the King County Washington State transit signs crossed with a child's construction paper cutout of a bunch of squares?

Ok, I find it ugly, but it is coming, and it will be the standard on the desktop and the laptop of the next few years. 

So why the rant?   Simple, they're charging $15 for the upgrade.  If you buy one now, you can go to this link and grab the Windows Upgrade Offer.  It will get you a new copy of Windows for that machine you just bought because you were either too impatient or were not able to wait another two months.

Another illustration of unthinking corporate marketers. 

I do think that Microsoft deserves to be paid for their work, I'll have to shell out some cash to upgrade this particular machine to Windows 8 at some point, but this is a very different matter.

Earlier upgrades were done with a free rebate coupon tossed in the box with the machine.   When the switch from XP to Vista or Windows 7 happened, many machines presented you with the choice of either operating system when you first turned them on.  This did happen after the newer operating system shipped, however.

I know, I know, it's "Only $15" but come on.... If you want to stimulate sales, it needs to be just like before - free upgrade.  It's a minor point but people love free things, and they may never take advantage of it - just like every other rebate or coupon.

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