Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tempting the Dog with Pork

This week, I made more Carnitas.  It turned out excellent, and it is a next to zero effort recipe.  I've done this recipe before and wrote about it.   Rub the Pork with spice, toss it in a crock pot, add some chicken stock, and press slow cook for 10 hours.   Takes about 10 minutes to set up.  In fact it probably could go for only 8 hours instead for extra moist pork.

I reserved the stock that was left in the crock pot to keep it drier.  Makes for a better sandwich.  It also saves calories.  That gave me roughly a pint of broth that ended up in the refrigerator in a large coffee mug.

The whole time that it was cooking, Lettie was sniffing the air wondering if she was going to get some.  No, but I did take a pound of the pork across the street to Lisa and Bill.

Lettie has her food, and unfortunately she has decided she hates the stuff.   She was put on "Prescription Food" a few weeks back and it has a strong smell of fish oil. 

Royal Canin Renal Diet LP.  I don't know that it's really helping her since it's not getting into her.   Their recommendation was to feed her four times as much as she usually gets, and she's not even eating the regular one cup of food, turning her nose up at it.  I get the sad eyes and then she avoids it all by walking away and sleeping the day.

After skipping two consecutive meals, I had had enough.  I pulled out the big guns.


That mug of pork gravy had turned gelatinous and I had decided to flavor her food with it.  Showing her the mug, I ladled out an ounce and poured it over top of the food.   Microwave long enough to warm it up, shake it around and turn around.  She was drooling.

I hardly had time to get it to the floor when she was in the bowl.  There was a full serving of the Renal Diet, some of the old food that she likes, plus the gravy.  More like a double serving of food.

Gobbled down by the starving dog that she was, it was gone in a flash.

Of course the next meal was less interesting since it was all the Renal Diet plus pork gravy.  She got through about 3/4 of it and then walked away.   I guess she was finally full.

The moral of the story is never toss your pork drippings.  Even if they're not going to be used on rice, they're great on dog food.

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