Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fish Oil or Hot Lava, You Decide

Lately Mrs Dog has been even more quirky than usual.  Being 11 and almost 12 with a flaky thyroid, leaky bladder, and a special diet, I guess she has a right.

You see, other than getting up at 2AM, placing a plastic sheet under her mat in the bedroom, and microwaving the special diet, there are no changes.  Actually, they're all changes. 

Getting old is not for the weak I guess. 

We adjusted her thyroid meds, took her in for a check up and they sent me home with a prescription diet.  After 11 years of being fed exactly 1 measured cup of Purina Lamb and Rice, I was told to mix in gradually this new stuff.  It's a Renal Diet, supposed to benefit her kidneys, and it smells like low tide at the fish market.

Take the food, add two ounces of water, microwave for 20 seconds to soften it all up.   11 year old teeth aren't really that strong.  Place 1/2 thyroid pill on top along with a glucosamine tablet and the fish oil capsule.  Put the bowl on the ground.  Watch Lettie Enjoy.

Not today.   She sniffed at it today.   Ate the glucosamine since it is yummy and sweet.  No, really the white capsules that are grit are slightly sweet.  I guess she really does have a sweet tooth.   Ate the thyroid capsule, thankfully.  Ate about three of the little kibbles and left the rest in the bowl.

We wandered around the neighborhood.  A little more energy than she's used to but she's got a strong preference.  Since I don't want to be walking a marathon before sunrise, I let her steer me home.

Gobble down some now cold kibbles.   Sniff at the rest.  Leave that fish oil capsule in the bowl and a dart of food.  Apparently it's not going to be a normal food day.  

Oh well, what's an old dog to do.  I know... SLEEP!

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