Sunday, May 22, 2016

Aboard the worn-out Kleeshae

There was once a spaceship Kleeshae that was minding its own business until one day it was shot by a fleet of Zarii alien ships.

Although they got away in time, most of the already-small Kleeshae crew had died in the attack, leaving only the first officer Sharon Yule alive, and the captain, who was gravely wounded. Fuel and food supplies were running low and they had to land soon to repair and replenish.

The nearest two possible landing locations presented a tough decision to Captain Dirk.

One option was to land on the close-by planet Zarii, which was home to the hostile, power-hungry Zarrs, whose nickname "the Tsars" was well-earned.

The second option was to use the remaining ship energy to warp to Zarii's only moon, home to the Ringos, the peaceful minority Zarrs who were outcasts from the home planet. However, the moon was on the furthest point of its orbit away from the ship, and the warp drive, having been damaged, would not be all too reliable.

The first officer looked worriedly at the captain and asked for a directive.

The captain closed my eyes in deep thought, only to open them upon his final decision, saying as he clutched his wounded side:

"Shoot for the moon... even if you, Miss Yule, land among the Tsars..."

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