Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Girl and The Flagpole

Yes, it is THAT joke! 

I remember being told this joke by an older kid when I was in grade school.  Standing in front of the Stafford School in Cherry Hill, staring up at the flag pole and wondering why a kid would want to climb the blasted thing in the first place.

Typical kid response!

The Girl and The Flagpole

Boy: I'll pay you 10 bucks to climb up the flagpole.
Girl: Okay. (climbs the flagpole)

Girl: Mommy Mommy a boy paid me 10 bucks to climb the flagpole.
Mom: He just wanted to see your underwear!

...Next Day...

(Same boy): I'll pay you 20 bucks to climb the flagpole!
Girl: OK thanks! (climbs the flagpole)

Girl: Mommy Mommy today the boy paid me 20 bucks for climbing the flagpole, but today I tricked him this time I wasn't wearing underwear.


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