Saturday, December 17, 2016

A hunter is trying to put all his deer on his plane

A hunter is trying to put all his deer on his plane.

The pilot asks him, "How many have you got?"
"Nine", says the hunter.

The pilot shakes his head and replies, "I'm sorry, but this isn't a very powerful aircraft. At most, you'll only be able to bring five or six. Nine is too dangerous."

"Actually", the hunter points out, "I loaded nine deer onto a plane just like this one the last time I came here to hunt. It'll be fine."

The pilot shrugs and gives the hunter the all-clear.

... Later ...

About fifteen minutes into the flight, the plane begins to wobble precariously. The pilot does all that he could to stabilise his aircraft, but eventually, he loses control, and the plane crashes, leaving both the hunter and the pilot stunned, but alive nonetheless.

"Damn", says the pilot, "I wonder where we are."

"From the looks of it", says the hunter, "about ten kilometres from where I crashed last time."

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