Sunday, March 1, 2020

What's the longest word in the dictionary? Smiles. There's a mile between the S's.

In a small village church, the priest found a crying young woman...

She is sitting there alone all teary and sobbing. So the priest sits next to her and asks her what makes her so unhappy.

The young woman replies: "I got married two years ago. I have been trying to conceive an offspring with my husband since, no success so far, though."

"Do not worry," the priest replies, "I will traveling to Vatican tomorrow. I will bring many intentions to pray for with me, I will visit all the churches there. I will light one candle for you and one for your husband."

Several years later, the same priest meets the same woman on the street in the village. She is all tired and exhausted. Two children are running and jumping around her, she is holding the third one on her arms. In addition, the priest notices that she is pregnant.

So he stops her asking how is her life going. She says: "Well, I am all tired and exhausted taking care of all these children. Suffering from heavy morning sickness, all day just cooking, cleaning and washing the laundry."

"I see," the priest replied, "so what is your husband doing?"

"Well, he has spent last three weeks in Vatican looking for your candles to blow them out!"

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