Saturday, February 29, 2020

I’m so bad at grammar that I tripped and fell down a good.

I have an ongoing conversation with a friend about things like this. 

I have a habit of commenting on things that I see.  I suppose writing a blog for more than Ten Years is a good outlet for that sort of Navel Gazing but I get static back. 

My usual response to people who question me is straightforward: " I am one of the helpers."

I usually have to follow that with "My first instinct is to help, to make a positive change".

Then I read a cynical story like this one and wonder if maybe my thoughts are a bit misplaced these days.

Dunno, maybe not, and maybe it's a view inside my present state of mind.  

Skip it, I'm going to make some coffee.  Want some?

I saw a woman drop her purse in the high street this morning, so I quickly followed her.

As I was just about to tap her on the shoulder she started running for a bus.

So I ran after her shouting, “You dropped your purse! You dropped your purse!”

She didn’t hear me and proceeded to get onto the bus, so I got on the bus too.

As I walked to the back of the bus I breathlessly said, “You dropped your purse on the floor outside outside McDonald’s.

Thank you so much she said, Where is it?

I said, I’ve just told you, on the floor outside McDonald’s.

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