Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Lazy Gardeners Bring Monarchs and Milkweed Flowers

I'll admit it.  The Pot does not need to be in the garden.

However, it's been there for a while, abandoned.

For quite a while.

I use it to start plants but that does not always work out.  When it failed, it got left there.

However we have a steady flow of breeze here.

Down the block, from the ocean.  It brings dust from the beaches, and some of it from the Sahara Desert far away.  

It also catches things that are discarded.  

I have found flyers, as well as pieces of paper that simply have blown down the block and ended up here.

Also, someone upwind of me is growing Milkweed.

As a measure of how long that pot has sat in my garden, a seed had landed there and grown into a plant.  The plant had grown long enough to form flowers.

The plant had been spotted by the Monarchs that are here in the neighborhood all year round and eggs were laid.

Mind you, I rather like Monarchs, and I cultivate these plants purposely.  I never manage to get seeds off the flowers because the Monarchs are rather insistent.  They get eaten down to stubs and I'm actually surprised that this particular involuntary plant has gone as far as it has. 

But the show they give is quite entertaining.  Monarchs on the breezes.  Black and Orange, Floating in the sun.  Over the house, and to the garden.  Laying eggs when they are done.

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