Saturday, April 24, 2021

Trains never get angry because they're always blowing off steam!

 So lets keep things short and sweet today.  Four times over, four short ones to amuse you!

My daughter asked me why there are a lot of soaps that smell like lavender.
I said "It's just a popular smell that a lot of people like, like sweet orange, lemongrass and rosemary." She paused and then nodded and replied:
"Yes, that seems like common scents."

When Noah's Ark settled safely after the flood, he opened the doors and commanded the animals, “Go forth and multiply."

All the animals departed from the Ark, except for two snakes in the back. Noah proclaimed again, “Go forth and multiply,” but the snakes stayed put. Perturbed, Noah asked them, “Why have you not followed my command?”

“We can’t multiply. We’re Adders.”

Mercedes for Sale @ $1

Someone put up this advertisement. No one believed it, but one old man responded and went to see the car. The Lady actually sold him a Mercedes, which had done just 12,000 miles, for $1. She handed him the papers and the Car keys. Deal done.

As the old man was leaving, he said "I would die of suspense if you don't tell me why this car was sold so cheap?" The Lady replied "I am just fulfilling the will of my deceased husband, where all money received from sale of his Mercedes would go to his Secretary".

The police were called to a female gym...

The female manager ran out to greet the two male officers as they exited their vehicle.

“Please, come quickly.” She said in horror, “We’ve found a peep hole drilled into the changing room. Some pervert has been watching us!”

“Don’t worry,” the policeman said reassuringly, “We’ll track down the suspect right away. Please tell all the ladies to go back to their exercising. There’s nothing to worry about anymore.”

The gym manager nodded, relieved, “And what about the hole in the wall?”

“Rest assured” The other police officer said, “We’ll be looking into it”

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