Sunday, April 11, 2021

Never trust people who renovate kitchens. They specialize in counterfeiting.

 It's a Sunday.  The Pre-Fab Pizza Crust is thawing.  The Cheese and Sauce are thawed.  Mushrooms are sauteed and thawed.  Got to grate some Parmesan though... We will be making more of Kevin's Pizza Sauce today too.  Best sauce I ever had and simple too!

Hmmm, can you guess what is on order for lunch?

But I will say I could use a proper "Counter Fitter".  You can do a lot in an old kitchen, after all you have for all these years but things are a bit tight when you put someone whose nickname is Moose.

An old billionaire marries a young woman.

He tells his wife that his only wish is to be buried with all of his wealth. The wife agreed without a second thought. Months went by and the man sadly passed away.

At the funeral, his wife walked up to the casket with an envelope in her hand. Solemnly, she placed the envelope in the casket with her husband.

The priest stood nearby and asked the wife: “What’s in there dear?”

The wife replied: “My husband’s final wish was to be buried with all of his money. So I had to make sure it happened.”

The priest looked at the small envelope with confusion, adding: “But my dear, he was so rich. How did you fit it all in there?”

“Well,” the wife replied, “there was far too much of course, so I did the courtesy of transferring it all into my account and writing him a check.”

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