Saturday, April 17, 2021

Someone once told me to search for inner peace. I've looked, it's not in here.

I thought by now you'd realize

A taxidermist and his apprentice are working late into the night to get their big project done - a full size lion on a purpose built stand. This once-mighty big cat had been killed in a fight with another lion, and was being fixed up for display at a natural history museum. The taxidermist had skillfully blended in hide from another big cat where the larger wounds were, to make the lion look whole and healthy.

The taxidermist is called away for an urgent phone call, and instructs his apprentice to look over the facial features, check the fake eyes and ensure it was ready for display. The apprentice, thrilled that his boss was trusting him with such a task, carefully checked over everything as he was instructed.

Alas, accidents happen and the apprentice managed to gouge a large mark into the lion's upper face. He was terrified that he would be fired on the spot. After fretting for a few minutes he remembered how his boss had patched the other marks, and attempted to do the same. He worked quickly and carefully and was able to repair the damage. Pleased at his quick thinking, the apprentice stood back and admired the animal. The taxidermist returned and as soon as he caught sight of the face he sighed and shook his head. When the apprentice asked what the matter was, the taxidermist simply said,

"Don't you know by now you can't hide your lion eyes?"

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