Sunday, September 26, 2021

I'm a nervous gardener. Sometimes I wet my plants.

 I'm thinking that this is really a bit of "Boomer Humor".  The style is something from what I will generously call an earlier time.  Older references and the like. 

You will see when you get to the punch line.

The Artemis mission is a success, two astronauts land on the moon.

The astronauts are exploring the surface and collecting samples. The mission is going well, but one of the astronauts notices something strange in the distance.

"Hey, what's that thing on the ground?" the astronaut points.

They cannot make out what it is, so the two astronauts approach the thing on the ground. Soon the strange object takes shape as they get closer.

They cannot believe their eyes.

It was a corpse. But not just any corpse.

It was a dead woman. She was not an astronaut, but a normal woman in her street clothes.

She was an American woman who wore a skirt, a shirt, and high heels; her attire was formal for a woman her age.

The astronauts are baffled on how she got up here on the moon. They decide to get a good look at her face...

And their worst fears are confirmed. The big bruise on her kisser was proof enough.

"Good lord!" the astronaut says. "It's Alice Kramden!"

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