Sunday, May 22, 2022

Why do most obstetricians quit when they're 45? Because they have a midwife crisis.

A farmer moved into town

After getting settled in the new town, a farmer went to church for the first time.

He found that the people in the church gossiped and shunned him for his poor appearance.

After the service, the preacher went to the farmer and told him that "In this town, we get dressed up for church."

"But I am but a humble farmer with no better clothes than these. What shall I do?"
"Pray to God" the priest replied. "He will tell you what to do."

The next week the farmer came back to church wearing different clothes, but they were no better than the other set of clothes he had on before. The priest interrupted the service to berate the farmer.
"Didn't I tell you to ask God what to wear to come here?"
"Yes sir you did."

"And did you do that?"
"Yes sir I did."

"And what did God tell you to wear?"
"Well to be honest father, he didn't know. He said he's never been in this church before."

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