Wednesday, March 29, 2023

How Much Does a Banana For Scale Weigh When The Scale Weighs Down to a Tenth Of A Gram?

Back in the day, you young whippersnapper, you could get by using a postal scale.

No, I don’t mean for letters.  Remember sending letters?  An actual piece of paper through the Mail?  Stamps, sheets of paper?  

Never mind all that I couldn’t tell you the last time I did all that nonsense other than for … well let’s just say Pre-Covid plus a few years.

I bake.  A lot.  Practically every day something goes into the oven.  Most of that stuff is best off if weighed.

My coffee is weighed.  To the gram.  21g Coffee, 10g creamer, 3g sweetener, 430ml water at 90c.  Three “standard” ice cubes when brewed.

See, the meme is incorrect.  The meme being that Americans will use anything except Metric.  Truth is that personally, I mix my measurements.  Even the old saw of measuring things in Bananas.  Besides, the whole “Traditional” measurements here in the US are overlays for Metric so Stuff Your European Meme.

It really does help to have a good electronic scale.  On the other hand, seems to have gone past Bananas and Metric to Breaking Bad.

You see, it was cheaper than going to the thrift stores within walking distance of my house.  I ended up with a kitchen scale that measures down to 1/10th of a gram for all of $8.  

Yep. Eight Whole Dollars.  The last time I bought an electronic scale at the thrift, it was $5.  Oh and this came to my front door in a little cardboard box.  Helpful because I really do get enough exercise and don't need yet another walk!

I press the little button.  It lights up cheerfully in blue and prints Hello on the screen.  Then I weigh what I have to with the thoughts that this all is probably a bit more than anyone really needs.

I’m not in a motor home out in the wilderness making illicit things, I’m making coffee in the morning, or baked goods.

Good baked goods are a saviour.  I have to have them.  My workouts have my metabolism jacked up so fast that I get to an hour in and am having cookies.  Home Made cookies.  On a bench in front of City Hall.  Or on the front bumper of my Jeep.

Hey, I actually look good in spandex workout clothes.

If you take anything from this ramble, keep in mind a good kitchen scale is perfect for maintaining a healthy diet.  Portion control is important.  Get your macro nutrients, hit your calorie count, and be gentle with the carbs.  At 110 calories per ounce, 28.3g, it’s easy to get a sugar shock.

But that measurement?  An “average” paperclip weighs a gram.  So this thing is supposed to be accurate enough to weigh out our food in tenths of a paperclip.

It’s nuts.  Or rather 25 pistachio nuts since that’s an ounce and right about 100 calories.  Perfect for a late night snack in front of the reruns on the DVR.

There I go again.  Measuring things in things other than metric.  

That picture?  Banana?  168.7g.  6 ounces or about 100 calories…  

You don’t have to ask.  Yes, I’m hungry.  Going out to the kitchen, should I bring back something?

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  1. Yes please. A slice of Jubilee cake with butter on it. 🌻