Sunday, March 26, 2023

What does a house wear? A dress.

I will say that I truly enjoy wandering around a flea market.  There were a bunch of them around Philly and I made it a point to get my produce there as well as some home made jelly and baked goods.



I got stabbed at the flea market.

I thought it would be fun to take my son to the flea market to see the wide array of commodities being sold.

"Oh, look! There's an ice cream man!" My boy exclaimed. So we walked up to the ice cream booth and I said: "Hey there ice cream man!". And then we ordered a couple cones.

Next was the kettle-corn man; my favorite! So of course we said: "Hey kettle-corn man!" We watched the popcorn pop for a while, and didn't leave the kettle-corn guy's booth without a big bag of popcorn in hand.

And after that we visited the glass blower man. We said: "Hey glass blower man!". Then we watched the mesmerizing glass blower man for a while..

It was a pleasant evening up until we approached the little man at the woodworking booth and I said: "Hey there whittle guy!".

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