Wednesday, March 1, 2023

When cycling goes wrong - yet another flat at City Hall

I've had a really weird spate of bad workout luck.

No, it's not like I've been abducted by aliens, then fell into a sci-fi furor.

It's more like yet another flat.

Oh sure, if you cycle, you replace tires frequently and shrug as you go out and roll through a Century on the weekend.

Never did a Century on the weekend, I'm purposely holding my distance down to "intermediate".  I guess around South Florida we have a few things that are working against my going further than that.

More Construction.
Construction waste.
On the roads.

Get the picture?

I went, according to my records, 1200 miles on my old tires before I had a flat.

Oh sure, it's dumb luck.  The dummy would be me.  I've been told that by others.  People don't go 1200 miles, the equivalent of Fort Lauderdale to Times Square in NYC, without a flat. 

It might be better if I had more flats.  I'd be better at changing tubes.  Hmmm... NO!

Sitting at a water stop, mid workout, in front of Wilton Manors City Hall.  I had my Dashboard Cookies and Thermos of ice water while waving hello to the very friendly woman who was cleaning the front doors there.  Mouth full of Dashboard Cookies is not a good way to say hello. 

That Dashboard Cookie thing?  Park four cookies on the dashboard of your car and by the time you get back, the sun will have moved the shadow of that tree you parked under and they are now baking in the sun.  Sure, the cream between the vanilla cookies melted in the bag and made a mess.  Next time get the sewing kit cookies and use those.  Four to a bag.  Perfect for a mid workout snack.  Bring extra water, you are doing endurance, aren't you?

I changed the tubes in the tire after I got home.  There was crap on the road.  Crap being a wire that got pounded into the tube to a depth of a thumbnail width.  I discovered it with a mouth full of Dashboard Cookies.

See how it all fit together?  I pumped that back wheel to 30 psi, I don't know how may bananas that would be, nor how may giraffes, so you'll have to find the conversion factors yourself.

And the tires are curing just like before, using two US Quarters as a clamp and a spreader for the pressure.  A binder clip helped.  Those things are really useful.

The last time I got a lecture about not looking I laughed.  12 to 22 mph on a bike with the sun in your eyes does not make for accuracy.  Just don't run over that bottle that someone carelessly tossed into the road.  That lemonade in the water bottle is most likely not lemonade.

Yes, ew.

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