Wednesday, January 17, 2024

We may be losing our Muse, Rack the McNab SuperDog(TM)

A Wise child once said "Dogs don't live as long as us because they already know how to love". 

This is certainly the case with Rack.

He came to us shattered as a puppy.  Completely demoralized.  When he got out of the freedom ride, he slinked across the street on his belly, to meet the neighbors the very first night.

Now, he's at the point where he looks forward to a walk around town to greet friends two and four legged both.

He has been my muse for 12 years or so.  I watched him bloom, grow, and shake off the mistreatment he got before we rescued him.  Figured out his diet problems - home made food only, never from a bag, never from a can. 

That diet kept him healthy for all this time.  Even with his current trials, his "numbers" at 12 years old are square in the middle of the healthy range.  But it did not help him dodge the cancer bullet.  Something in his hardware, his DNA, short circuited and he has a 2 cm lump in his back side.  Left side anal gland specifically.

We're waiting on the ultrasound results to make a decision on where to go with this. 

For now, it looks like he has a minimum of 3 to 6 months left.  Who knows what the maximum is.

Stay tuned, we're waiting on the vet.

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