Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Wilton Manors - This town amuses me with influencers and quirky people

 My chair in the living room faces a large window.  I look over a busy, for a suburban neighborhood's street.  There is an intersection and a giant mango tree that I feeds me about two weeks of calories per year.

I'm not bashful, I will eat any of those wonderful up to and over two pound (one kilo) fruit that I can.  Oh and don't judge me, I have permission from the property owner even though he may not care or remember.

Or do.  You never had my Mango Jelly.

So I see what goes on here.  I am here today listening to some classical music, Haydn symphony at the moment and relaxing.  It's been a rough year, 2023, and I am sure it has been for most.  If not, extend a helping hand to others, this I will just say if you are in a place to help and you don't, you are being judged.

Regardless, seeing what goes on I get a chuckle from time to time.

There's a male couple that comes through on bicycles at the same time every day.  There's the walker who picked up a female walking partner, and people walking their dogs of every shape and size.

Being January it's a bit cool for us.  So seeing the woman walking her dog and pushing her baby in the carriage covering the front to hold in the heat is not a surprise.

When I moved here, there was an empty lot that got filled in by two rather large McMansions.  The construction is, well crap, and I did see them get built.  I'm friendly with one family in it and I hear when they are replacing bits and pieces over time.  Helpful hint is that you don't want to buy too new a house in South Florida.  Avoid flat roofs, and make sure that the builder has a good reputation.  If you jump in too fast you may end up with something that will be an insurance nightmare.

However, the house itself is showy and what many people would picture as luxurious.  The one I know is, large rooms and high ceilings.  I can't go in too often or too long as they have cats and my allergies won't permit it.

As I sat here waiting for the cycling couple about 9:30 in the morning, I was making a late breakfast.  The ham was cooking in the skillet, my kitchen smelled pleasantly of food.  There is a place where I stand in my kitchen where I can see down the block both directly and indirectly by looking at the reflection in the glass in our large pictures on the wall above my chair. 

I noticed someone walking up my block.  I knew he wasn't a neighbor, I know everyone on my long block at least by sight.  I know, that isn't particularly standard for suburban South Florida, but it fits my attitude towards security and safety, allow that quirk my friends, and you should adopt it.

He was about my height and had a good 30 to 50 pounds on me.  I'm a lean 6'4" (193cm) and 181 pounds (82kg).  He was dressed in olive drab spandex, and carrying a camera on a tripod.  I chuckled and said "An Influencer, no doubt" to Rack the SuperDog (TM).

Apparently he set himself up in front of one of the houses to get a view of the two big ones.  I've seen others plant themselves there and it's amused me before.  I have asked if I can help, it usually embarrasses them and they move on.  I also have watched from the glass and got a wave or two.

After all it isn't harmful.  If you don't live here you'd get it.  Besides if I were to take my picture in front of somewhere as a tourist or influencer then I can thing of greener blocks.  My friend, the town's big sister, Constance's block would be perfect.

So I flipped my eggs and looked again.  Here he was flexing his muscles and trying to look impressive and taking video in front of Robb's house while I was smiling and getting my breakfast finished.

I don't know him, but well, if I ever see the picture crop up I'll know the story and so will you.

Haydn is done, Rhapsody in Blue is playing, and the coffee is cold.  Perfect place to stop and pause and chuckle at the front window again.  Ahh there goes the suburban family guy type down the block on a segway.

Yep, that's Wilton Manors, whatever you heard about it, outsider, you are probably wrong.  Embrace creative weirdness, you'll be entertained!

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