Saturday, July 31, 2010

Grrr Woof Woof! - Picture

Near my house there is a park. 

The park is a place of native plants in a manicured setting.  It's not much from a city park standpoint, it's a small place where you can commune with nature while sitting on a giant copper butterfly.  There is a plinth with another copper butterfly on it.  It's not meant to be an exercise park or a fishing park or a place to run wild with the gators.  This is a place for quiet contemplation of things that are native and watch the world drive by on the way to other places.

That is exactly why I like it.  It is a place reserved for nature in a very crowded South Florida area.  

Unfortunately others aren't so civic minded and walk their dogs by without cleaning up after them.  This gentle reminder of what should happen is one that is used all over North America.  It also serves to get a smile out of me when I see it.

I wonder if we can get a dog bag dispenser and a trash bin for that spot?

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