Friday, July 30, 2010

The Work Continues - Demolition of Old City Hall

Yesterday, I had pictures of the front and the side of the building.  This is what the inside of the building looks like from the window near the City Clerk and City Manager's office.  Dawn Walker, Joe Gallegos and Bob Mays would have sat near or at this spot.  Now its an open space.

Turning to the right this is the view through what was Finance toward the main entrance where Charlie and Joy sat.  If you walked up the steps to pay your water bill, you'd be roughly where that Bobcat is in the background of the right side of the shot.

Speaking of paying your water bill, this was through the glass at the door of the main entrance.  Now, where they took your money for your bills sits a bobcat parked inside.  You can see clear through to the back lot.   There's a silver coating on the window to reduce the sunlight so it also made for a dark picture.

Sticking with the through the window shots, this one is through the hole in the door left when the doorknob was removed at the back door of the police gym.  You can see all the rubble left from demolishing the roof and the tiled backsplash of the shower in the back.

Here's a slightly less dramatic view of the same spot.  This was from the windowsill in the south corner of the building.  You can see the ledge in the foreground of the shot and the same tiled wall in the background.

From the fence at the back lot you can see the same view from the outside.  They've chewed away the roof and the back wall of the building and it's open to the air.

The last shot for the day.  This is the view from the fence of the back of City Hall.  The wall behind that puddle is the other side of the first three pictures.  This is that open yard behind City Manager and Clerk's offices.

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