Monday, November 29, 2010

Excited Border Collies love MONKEY! MONKEY! MONKEY!

You never know what will send someone flying.

What we have here looking like road kill is a Flying Monkey.  This toy just narrowly missed getting shredded by an overzealous Border Collie after being launched across a living room by a rather large Moose.

The Moose, being me, learned that the Border Collie, being Lettie will have a mental meltdown every time she sees this toy. 

The toy in question has a sound box in its torso that when vibrated will scream like a howler monkey.  The arms are thin covers to a rubber tube that I've used in First Aid Certification Class as a tourniquet and they stretch out as long as your forearm.  Put your fingers in the hands of the monkey, pull back on the legs, and off the monkey flies into the screen of the window screaming all the way.

All this excitement means that all I have to do is hold the monkey by its head and shake it so the legs move and Mrs Dog, the non barky dog, starts to bark ... over and over.  I haven't made her hoarse yet but I am sure it's on its way.  She's not the type of dog that goes crazy, and she rarely barks. In fact I call her the "Stealth Dog" because she's generally a quiet creature and usually is quite non verbal.

Just show her this toy and she will bark non stop until you either put it away, make it fly, or she manages to catch the thing.  What she's going to do with it I have not a clue because every time she gets it, she brings it to her mat and sets it down as if to wait for it to do something on it's own.  By that time I am able to get the thing away from her.

Needless to say, the white velcro on its hands means the Monkey is safe hanging from a hook well out of Dog's Reach.

Keeping a Border Collie mentally stimulated means you don't have a dog that is destroying the house.  Every so often, going way over the top with the dog and getting her over stimulated is a good thing - in moderation.   Only once or twice a week is all I need to keep her quiet and happy.  But when it happens... WOW!

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