Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Making the Urban Look Rural in Photos

If you manage to be at the right place at the right time, you can get the right picture.

It may be about positioning and the art of making the camera do it's thing, but a lot of the art of photography is simply location, timing, and post production. 

I have been lucky with that.  I use a camera that is fairly simple, and does most of the work for me.   Having an optical zoom is a requirement - that digital zoom stuff is for the birds and you can digitally zoom in by using the crop tool on a dozen different programs.

When you have the right view, you are mentally cropping things for the camera to begin with.  I think I all came together here.  This photo is unretouched, but it was shrunk down for the web.   I don't put the originals up because of the limitations of all the pieces with the blog - Picasa and Blogger.  Eventually I'll run out of space but for now, 640x480 is more than enough.

Pat if you want any of the originals, let me know. :)

Going out on a photo safari, I was walking around the park at the bottom of town and thought how pristine this looked.  I'm in what has to be very close to the middle of the sprawl of South Florida.  One of the 10 largest metro areas in the nation.  Cars and trucks screaming by, airplanes growling overhead and all the other elements that add to the cacophony of urban life when I saw this scene. 

Gently rippling water reflecting light, exposing the little minnows under the surface.  For a moment I could forget that I was standing on a boat dock just under the Wilton Drive bridge into Fort Lauderdale where speeders reigned supreme.  I could be transported back in time to before they started building up this particular part of paradise for better or worse.

I stepped back into the beauty of nature, forgetting that I was being watched by some folks in the crowded condos across the river in Fort Lauderdale I felt at one with the world and alone and happy with the company.

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