Saturday, November 20, 2010

Post Apocalyptic Wilton Manors - Picture

If they blew up your city would it look like this?

I was going out to take pictures that could be used to illustrate different things about Wilton Manors.  Right in the middle of town is the Wings And Things restaurant.   It's "sleeping".  The construction project is on hold and promised to begin again.  They even have a name for it, called Sushi Rock, it promises to open with something new and shiny.

Some time in the future.

So for now we wait and use it for practice on composition and photography. 

There are always construction sites around and in cities.  Sometimes you have full access and can get on the grounds and get some spectacular sites.  In my case, I'm 6'4" and have really long arms so access was not needed.  Standing on the outside of the construction fence, I was able to adjust the focus to zoom in on the doorway.  Something about the view was interesting to me, how the stripes of shades come down in a regular pattern on a 45 degree angle like some sort of Construction-Henge monument to Chicken Wings long past.  It almost looks as if it was planned that way.

With my apologies to Stonehenge.

For now, I'll practice at getting interesting shots.  When they start to build, I'm sure I'll be out there taking occasional photos...  I already have the "before" here.

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