Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Palm Trees and Blue Skies

While the North has had a significant snow the last week, we've been enjoying days that look like this. 

The season has started.  Temperatures in the low 80s with few storms and few clouds in the afternoon.   This was on Veteran's Day, but I could have taken the same shot today. 

Other people seem to have the same idea.   The parking lots are more full, the bars are getting tougher to get served in, there are more out of state license plates on the roads.

Of course in 6 months and a few days, we're going to be talking about the start of the Hurricane season.  For now, it's time for us to enjoy the weather, get the outdoor chores done in the cool of the morning, and even wonder where we put our winter "coats" at.  

Snowbirds are arriving.  Enjoy your snow.

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