Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Xmas Lights at Night on Wilton Drive

Winter up North is snow and "fairy lights" and giant pine trees done up in many colors.  Computer displays are all the rage, and you can get some interesting shows when you have a large piece of shrubbery and a hedge to work with.   A 3000 square foot house can give you a lot of surface area to light up.

South Florida doesn't have a lot of dense plants to work with.  In a hurricane, a pine tree is a nice wall for the wind to knock over.  In the Tropics, our foliage has evolved to work with the breezes. 

Remember that phrase "Swaying Palms"?

Those swaying palms can look wonderful dressed up but they usually require a bucket truck or at least a stout ladder to get out to the ends of the fronds.  What we usually do here is to wrap the trunks of the palm trees so we have giant glowy columns of light lining our streets. 

Gables Wilton Park did an excellent display of tasteful lights this season.  LEDs so they're low energy consumption, small if not tiny lights showing up in "Warm White" so they look traditional, and they all twinkle in the evening cool.  If you are walking down the sidewalk, you can stop and have a seat on the bench there and watch the world go by.  While there, enjoy the light display as the businesses are beginning to put out their own displays.  Since we're a small town, the city's display is fairly limited to the Xmas tree and the other lights at Jaycee Park. 

The businesses and the residences are filling in the gap rather nicely.

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