Sunday, December 5, 2010

Predawn Xmas Lights

Sometimes, you just can't sleep.

That was last night.  I woke up at 3am, rolled around fitfully for two hours and hauled myself out of bed at 5.

It should be easier to sleep tonight, I had Decaf today.

While laying there, mental gears engaged, it became a challenge to find something to do with the early hours.  After starting with the laptop and surfing the news sites, I finally at 5 decided it was pointless and I should feed the dog.  She knew I was up long before I turned on the laptop. 

With the cold blast chugging into the Northeast and even making it down here with a week of sub 70 degree predictions, I wanted to step out and see if I could take the then current 57 degrees without a jacket.

Yeah, Right.

I did notice that there was a house lit up with the Xmas tree in front and thought that I'd try some night photography.  15 second exposure on a tripod with no breezes blowing and I was able to get the shots I was looking for. 

This should have been done yesterday because the fingernail moon that was out at the early dog walk was just behind the palm tree with a star that made it look like the emblem on the South Carolina license plate come to life.  I'll be watching for that one shot again since there was no moon out at 530am or so.

For now, it's enough to notice that the blue lights on the blue wall turned things into a creamy light and enjoy that one shot.  There are plenty of semi-sleepless nights to take more.

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