Saturday, December 4, 2010

Coffee Roasting Day is Better in the Cool

I got started roasting coffee about a year ago.  It is now down to a science.   I have my green beans that I get from a web site, pour a measured 1/2 cup of green beans into the hopper of a popcorn popper, turn the thing on for 6 minutes and 45 seconds, then empty them out onto a plate.  After they cool they get ground and set aside.

I've gotten great results, as anyone who knows me personally has heard me say, and those who have had some have universally said that it is excellent.

The draw back is Coffee Cologne.  I enjoy the smell of roasting coffee.  It is an earthy smell, slightly different than the smell of a good coffee when you crack open the can.  Strong but with a green smell underneath it. 

It is that smell that is all over the neighborhood today.   I'm doing my best to share.  I got started roasting some Guatemalan Huehue beans this morning, and now the furniture is beginning to smell like the stuff today.  Winter having hit South Florida, I'm using the breezes we get off the ocean to clear out the scent.  One batch is fine, right now, I'm on batch three. 

If you drink the stuff, coffee has a lot of oils that get into the machinery of the percolator.  Roast that and you have it all indoors.  The aluminum cup that I pour the coffee into inside the popper is a deep chocolate brown and since my hand's too big to get inside, that is how it will stay.

Open the cabinets and dresser drawers and you'll get a faint puff of coffee come up at you the next day.

If you run into me, I'm not wearing Grey Flannel or Polo, I'm wearing a fine Estate Grown Guatemalan.

Oh wait, that doesn't quite sound right.... Hmmm.   We'll just have to have a pot of espresso and think this one over.

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