Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Cactus In A Shoe - Picture

I've seen this done with a boot, but since it is way too warm here to wear boots, I made do with a pair of sneakers that didn't last as long as they should.

Yes, that is indeed my old pair of sneakers.
Yes, that is a cactus growing in them.

In fact, I've got quite a lot of cactus here on the property.  They're all in pots and we can't really figure out where to put them.  They're all the "spineless" variety but don't let them lie to you, I have a spine in my right index finger I have to dig out from one of those "nonexistent" spines.

Between the two shoes is my pineapple plant.   It seems to like it under the bougainvillea in the back yard.

Once the Cactus roots, I'll find a better spot for them, but for now, I've got two grey planters, Men's Size 11.

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