Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Snakes in a Plane, and in a Walmart too

Yep, bizarre news is showing itself this week, but in retrospect it kind of makes sense that you should watch out for yourself.

After all, it WAS a WalMart.   Shouldn't you be shopping somewhere else anyway?

Up in Washington State, some guy was going out to buy some mulch for his plants. His Marijuana plants.  It's legal there and he's got a medical need.  That just kind of adds to the aura of "oddness".

Ok, legal plants, I got it.  Not for me, but I got the story.

So he goes to WalMart, brushes a stick away and it bites him.  Turns out that on top of the bag wasn't a stick, but a foot long rattlesnake.

Maybe I should have said "A pot grower walks into a WalMart, and...".

The reality is that in those large garden centers, you do have to watch out.  Over the weekend I was looking at Lemon Trees and spotted a mouse, three species of birds, and a couple rogue bees.  You don't want to get stung do you?  All this was "inside" the garden center at the hardware store.  It's really just one of those open air areas with a bit of hardware cloth roofs for shade, and finding wildlife in what passes for inside is normal.

I guess they're right, those WalMarts are entertaining in a dark and bite-y sort of way.

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