Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Intercity Disposal got it right on Bulk Trash Day

Last week we had the brush cleared for hurricane season.  There was so much debris that work stopped as the head of the group working in the yard asked us if we thought that bulk trash would take the pile away.   We thought it would and work continued.

By the time things were done we had a "Big American Sedan" worth of leaves and stems sitting in the parking space in front of the house on the swale.   It was about as big as a Crown Vic Police Interceptor.  Big.

So the weekend came and went, the leaves started to turn brown and we were looking forward to the pile going away.

When Bulk Trash Day came, I put a video camera in the front window because it can be an interesting process to watch them pick up all that "bulk". 

If you ever have driven down the coast on I-95, you've seen the trucks.  They're big open topped things with a claw on an arm that is used to pick the stuff up.  The operator will direct this claw that looks like a beefy 55 Gallon Drum split down the middle on top of the debris, close the claw, pick up the handful, then drop it in the back of the truck.

In our case, he took 20 minutes to pick up the trash.  Like I said there was a lot.  Actually, he picked up about 80% of the trash then left.

I was wondering if I was going to end up picking the remaining trash put it in the regular trash can, one piece at a time.  I'd then have to relocate that pile that went from a large car to around a 5 foot tall cube of leaves and stems. 

Needless to say I wasn't looking forward to that task.

After a couple emails back and forth we were resigned to attack that mess later that night.

Perhaps we were hasty because all the sudden up popped the same driver from Intercity Disposal for try number two.

Why I say that the driver got it right was that he picked up all he could with the claw, then got out of the truck.

Picking up a rake, the driver then pulled all that remaining trash into a smaller pile and picked it up and placed it in the bin.   I've never seen trash haulers take that sort of care in doing a job before.  This was one for the record book.

Sure there are some smaller bits of refuse in the swale, but he did get almost all of the remains into the truck with that claw, then took a swig of water from a bottle, and left.

So I have to say that Wilton Manors is getting their money's worth with this particular contract.

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