Friday, May 25, 2012

Atlantic Hurricane Season Starts June 1

Here we go Florida, and the rest of the tropics.

It's going to be a "near normal" season with up to 15 storms.
Up to 3 major storms are predicted but keep in mind, the tropics are a very large area. 

I'm hoping for a Fish Spinner and nothing else strong.

You can read the background from the BBC Here.
You can read the National Hurricane Center's information page Here.
Weather for Wilton Manors and the big neighbor Fort Lauderdale is at this link.
A very fast local radar for Wilton Manors is at this link.

The rule of thumb that I will be following is to keep two solid weeks of water and food per person on hand.  While the state of Florida has passed a law requiring Gas Stations and Supermarkets to have generators on hand, I'd prefer not to depend on that.

You can choose otherwise.

Make sure you have enough water and food on hand for your pets.  If you're taking care of yourself, remember those who can't take care of themselves, whether human, furred, or feathered.

Of course, you'll be eating all this food come December 1 when the Season has ended.  I still have a little Mac and Cheese from 2011 that has a little life left in it.  I'm drawing down the frozen foods and slowing down my usual Baking here to make sure that I don't have a power outage that would make me lose hundreds of dollars worth of food.

Reminds me I have that Pork Tenderloin in the freezer that will be made into Carnitas next week.  If that sounds good, check the recipe on my blog from a while back.  Just add all the ingredients to your crock pot and press go.  It's a winner of a recipe!

Now if Doom and Gloom, Duck and Cover, and all this hype gets you down, you may need a hug.  So click on the video and you will get one.  It's quiet and safe for all viewers and even work.

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