Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It's helpful to know your neighbor's commands for the dog

As I was sitting in my chair, I had on the noise cancelling headphones.  Playing into my ears was some "Uplifting Trance" from an Armin van Buuren set.   Just like on this video...

In fact I'll do one better - here's the video that I am listening to now.

Yes, folks I listen to a lot of trance, and Armin van Buuren is probably my favorite DJ currently.  He's helped me skate 21,000 miles keeping the tempo up.  That beat is right about the speed that I hit the pavement with each roller blade when I'm up to speed.

The music is playing in my headphones, and while they're cheap, they're effective.  $3 for headphones that were better than the Sony ones that are really quite good.   Noise cancelling headphones at this level will get rid of most of the background drone, mute the random noise in the environment some, and really make it difficult to hold a conversation while music is playing.

Just ask Kevin.

In fact, I find that I listen to music much softer now that I have these headphones simply because I don't need to drive the sound louder than Wilton Drive, I-95, and Federal Highway in the distance, and the parrot accompaniment is missing since it just isn't loud enough to get an Oscar Singalong.

Puttering through my tasks I see someone walk past the front window on the street.  Hi, Jack!  It's my neighbor.  He keeps going not knowing he's being seen, and I go back to my routine.

About five minutes later it starts.  Bark.  Bark, bark.  BARK! WOO WOO WOO!

Up goes Armin's music a little louder.  BARK BARK BARK!

I think we've got a bored dog BARK!

That's the problem with outdoor pets.  They would prefer to be with you.  No matter what you're doing they're entertained.  When you leave, the little mental stimulation you give them is gone as well. 

Needless to say I'm against outdoor dogs in an urban or suburban environment.

At this point, 30 minutes later, after having listened to "You Belong To Me" singing over the dog, I decided it was time for another one of my talents.


I've gotten very good at being a mimic, both human voices and other sounds.

Walking to the bedroom window that is closest to the porch where the dog likes to be, I open it slightly.  BARKBARKBARKBARK! 



(pause) BARKBARK!


Having dropped my voice a register in a passing imitation of the owner, the dog is confused but...




I'll have to mention this to Jack.  He's really a very nice guy and I don't think he knows this is going on.  Plus I bet he'd be amused at my off-key imitation of him saying SHUSH!

I guess Buster got tired of barking and assumes Jack's over here.

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