Thursday, May 24, 2012

Can't Open a Wine Bottle? Here's Help!

Ok, I'll admit it.

I am that guy that you never want to hand your wine bottle to.

I will shred the cork.
I will leave bits of cork in the bottle.
I will break the corkscrew off in the cork.
I will cut myself on the shards.

Oh yes, all of that has happened within the last couple bottles of wine that I have tried to open.

There's a reason why I tend to drink beer when I drink, which is to say, infrequently.

It's a shame since I really do enjoy a glass of Port as a treat.

But there's help here in this video.  Unfortunately for most of my readers, it is in French.

However, if you have all of what this guy's doing, you can open a wine bottle without a corkscrew.  After all, he's French and they know their wine.  Just don't tell them that according to most connoisseurs, including those in France, on average, wine from California is better.   Shhh, they'll pout.

First, you need a solid wall.  None of that drywall crap.
Second it must be done horizontally.  You can't do this on your counter.
Third, you need a proper "solid" heel on the shoe.
Fourth, after all that, it may not work because it depends on your bottle being of "just the right shape.

So entertain yourself with this video.  He shows that it works, and I'll attempt it some day when I'm feeling confident.  Don't try it with Champagne.  Not even a little bit... unless you video your results! 

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