Saturday, October 1, 2016

A Priest and a Bus Driver are Standing In Purgatory

There is an angel guarding two doors: one for Hell, the other for Heaven. Both of them approach the celestial being and it says, looking at a really long list:

"Alright, Mr... Stanford, the bus driver? You are going to Heaven, congratulations!"

The bus driver happily opens the corresponding door and steps through. The priest smiles and heads towards the same door as well, but the angel stops him in his path:

"Not you, Father Johnson. You are going to Hell, I am sorry."

Outraged, the priest yells "What?! Why?? I have devoted my entire life to spreading the Lord's word! This is unfair! How come a bus driver step through, but not a holy priest?!"

With a serious look on his face, the angel replies "Well, you have indeed devoted your life to spreading the word, but it means nothing if your entire congregation is asleep and doesn't really care for you are preaching.

Meanwhile, whenever Mr. Stanford was driving his bus, everyone inside would pray to God, even non-believers."

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