Sunday, October 9, 2016

The New Doctor

I don't know, but this sounds like a truly wise grandmother to me!

A 85 year old lady has to go to a new doctor, and he is reviewing her file and the list of medications she is on, and finds in the long list that she is on the contraceptive pill.

"Why are you on the pill at your age?" he asks
"Well it helps me to sleep at night" she replies

The doctor is shocked that his predecessor would be so negligent as to prescribe oral contraception to an old lady and have her think it was a sleeping pill.

"Madam, please dont take this the wrong way , but can you tell me how a contraceptive pill can help you sleep?"

She says "Well every morning I wake up after a good nights sleep, grab the little pill, and I grind it up and put it in my granddaughter's orange juice"

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