Sunday, February 19, 2017

Trolley Conductor

There is a town, in this town there is a massive trolley business. They have the best trolleys and they make the most money. They make their money by not paying people very much, people like George.

George was a trolley conductor for many years and he lived paycheck to paycheck. Part of his job was to take people's coins and put them in the box, every once in a while he takes a few, but only to stay alive and feed his family.

One day, the big trolley executives realize they should be making more money than they are, so they hire an investigator to look into it. The investigator goes and rides the trolleys and finds George, now it just so happened that George's son was sick and he needed the money so he stole some quarters, not much, just enough to help his son.

He investigator sees George do this and arrests him.

At the trial the trolley company wants to make a big example of him, do they bribe the judge, hey bribe the jury, and George gets death by electric chair.

They hook up the chair and turn it on, but nothing happens. They take George away and have somebody check out the chair and it should be working. They decide to give him the whole prison's power all into the chair.

They put George in, plug it in and turn it on... and nothing happens. They are amazed and decide they need more power.

By this time the press have looking into the suspicious trial and they find out about the bribery.

The trolley company gets them to hook up half of the city's power to this chair, so they can finally make an example of him.

But nothing happens.

The police come and free George. The press is overjoyed and they ask him, "how did you survive the electric chair"

George responds, "well.. I guess I'm just a poor conductor"

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