Sunday, February 26, 2017

A Scientist is Studying a Trained Frog

Sorry to say but this bad joke I remember from my childhood.

Have a groan on me.

This frog has been trained to jump on command. Any time it hears the phrase "Jump, frog, jump!" it leaps with all its might.

The scientist prepares a scalpel, sewing kit, and measuring tape and begins his experiment; he says "Jump, frog, jump!" and as soon as the frog hears his voice, it jumps. The scientist measures the distance... the frog jumped four whole feet.
"Hmmm..." ponders the scientist, writing this down.

The scientist uses the scalpel to cut off one of the frog's front legs, and then sews the wound up. Then, eager to see what will happen, the scientist commands "Jump, frog, jump!"
Hearing the scientist's voice, the frog jumps. The scientist pulls out the measuring tape... the frog only made it three feet this time.
"Hmm!" the scientist says while stroking his beard.

The scientist removes the other front leg, stitches the wound closed, and resets the experiment.
"Jump, frog, jump!" he cries. The frog jumps forward, the scientist measures- only two feet of distance.
"Hmmm." the scientist ruminates.

Next to go is one of the frog's rear legs. Alas, sometimes science can be cruel.
The scientist orders the test subject to "Jump, frog, jump!" and at the sound of his voice, the frog jumps- only 12 inches this time, and slightly off-center.
"Hrm." frowns the scientist, and records his data.

Finally, the last limb is taken off. The scientist places the legless amphibian back at his starting point and shouts "Jump, frog, jump!"
The frog just sits there, looking up at him with its little froggy eyes.

Perturbed, the scientist bellows "JUMP, FROG, JUMP!" to no avail. It just keeps looking up at him sadly with those little froggy eyes.

"AHA!" cries the scientist, flush with the excitement of discovery.
"Frogs with no legs are DEAF!"

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