Saturday, March 18, 2017

A Mother is concerned about her son's future

A Mother is concerned about her son's future...

She goes to here priest and says "father, I'm concerned for my boy! He doesn't seem to have any ambitions and I'm concerned he won't amount to anything!"

The father says to her "do not worry, take me to your home and I shall put your mind at ease."

She takes him to her house and the priest asks her son to go outside for a minute.

He turns to the mother and says " now we shall find out what kind of future he will have"

The priest then takes out four items; a dollar coin, a playboy, a bottle of jack Daniels with a shot glass, and a bible.  He then places them on a nearby dresser and tells the mother to hide in the bathroom.

Once in there, the woman asks "why are we hiding and what was with those four items?"

The priest then says "The four items are there to test the boy. If he takes the dollar, then he will be a successful business man but betray all his friends and colleagues just to make a buck. If He takes the playboy, then he will be a womanizer and never show an ounce of respect for women. If he takes the whisky, then he will be an alcoholic and find solace only in the bottom of a bottle. Finally, if he takes the Bible, he will be a man of god and act on behalf of the church."

As the pastor finished his explanation, the son walked in, looking for the two of them. He sees the four items on the dresser, looks around, then stares at the items while his mother and pastor watch in anticipation.

After a couple more moments, the boy moves towards the dresser and makes his choice.

First he grabs the dollar coin and puts it in his pocket, then he pours a shot and drinks it, finally he takes the playboy, puts it in the Bible, and walks out of the room to find his mom and the pastor.

 The pastor is stunned and speechless at what he just saw. Then his mother exclaims "OH MY LORD, he's going to be a politician!!!"

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